one size doesn’t fit all

You might know what you want but don’t know how to get there. We can help you. Describe your needs and Stellar Research will tailor a methodology that is right for you. Too often competitors and their last client become too large a part of the equation. Our aim is to put the focus back on you — and you alone.

Cutting-edge innovation is the key. Want to know how a consumer shops for products? We can design the right “shopalong” for you as you watch them in action. Want dialogue with your loyal consumers to understand your “hits” and “misses”? We can develop the right online panel solution for you. Focus groups do not have to be dry and boring. We can get your consumer talking to you - and for you.

Stellar Research is a full service market research firm specializing in qualitative and quantitative research:

Focus groups
Online surveys
Online focus groups
Telephone surveys
Online Panels

Focus groups – Yes, those small groups of your consumers, who are gathered together to give you insights in your new products, marketing, design, advertising or anything else you and your colleagues have been working on for the past few months, or even years. Having a skilled and seasoned moderator during these interactive group discussions is critical to having the right conversation (not just any conversation) and can lead to increased profitability.

In-depth Interview (IDIs) or One-on-one’s  – A type of qualitative research involving an unstructured personal interview with a single respondent, conducted by a highly skilled interviewer. The purpose of in-depth interviews is to understand the underlying motivations, beliefs, attitudes and feelings of respondents to a particular product or idea.

Shopalongs – Shopping behavior analysis combines a unique set of research tools. We compare what shoppers actually do in-store with their conscious and subconscious motivations and opinions. Shopping behavior analysis brings the shopper into the very heart of retail marketing, merchandising and category management. We report what happens in-store, why, and what to do about it.

On-line surveys – With more and more people online, this is an efficient way to find out important information from your consumer and/or potential costumer. We are skilled at soliciting the right information for you via an expertly crafted methodology. We know how to contact the right sample population to meet your needs.

On-line focus groups – We can organize and conduct them. On-line focus groups are becoming more popular as websites become an integral part of our daily lives. Focus groups consist of 6-8 respondents in real time. We can discuss if this approach is right for you.

Telephone surveys – Sometimes, a survey conducted by telephone is the right methodology. Let’s talk about your customers and find the best way to reach them. Sometimes vital information is only a phone call away.

On-line panels – Being at the forefront of on-line panel methodologies for more than a decade, Stellar Research has been designing and supporting clients with on-line solutions since the inception of online panels.

Our on-line, cost-effective panel solution will hit the right notes for your company. Just as important as getting the conversation going with your clients is keeping up with them. We will not only show you how, but also help you to maintain the dialogue with ongoing communication and findings.

Keeping in touch with your consumers is not just an important aspect of your business — it is the MOST important. We can help you find an innovative solution to keep talking to your customers on a regular basis.