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Stellar Research is a powerhouse of marketing research tools that will enable your company to fully understand:

  • Your existing customers
  • Important potential buyers
  • Current trends in your marketplace
  • Your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses

Because no two companies are alike, we use the kind of innovative tools and methodologies that fit your needs.  

Judy Lawrence, founder and managing partner of Stellar Research, knows what it feels like to be both client and supplier. Her experience has provided her with the perspective needed to put your company on the road to success. She recognizes that crucial to moving your business forward is obtaining the information that tells you what you need and why you need it. For your busy management team, she and her staff know how pull the relevant findings from ten pages of data and hand over a clear and concise one-page summary.  

Having worked for companies such as AT&T, Levi Strauss & Co., and Reebok International on the client side and brands such as Gap, Samsonite, Stop & Shop, and Kaz on the supplier side, she appreciates that your corporate aims and goals must be tailored into superb output. In fact, Stellar Research was founded with the idea that stellar comprehension of your business is the only acceptable result.

Today, Stellar Research boasts many Fortune 500 clients who can attribute their improving
revenues to decision-making based on having the right information at the right time and the crucial understanding of corporate goals. Ms. Lawrence is uniquely qualified as a service provider of research tools as well as providing actionable insights for a variety of CPG and retail companies. She is a skilled moderator who has conducted or directed hundreds of focus groups, and someone who will help you grasp the “bigger picture.”